Stranger in a strange land?

The initial phase of living in a foreign country is both exciting and challenging, especially for young people. They want to find new friends and prove themselves at school or at work. You don't know anything about Germany just yet? You are younger than 25 years old and live here in the administrative district of Wesel?

You want to learn the language, attend school, university or get a job as soon as possible? Germany offers you so many different possibilities.

Confused? No need to.

We will try to answer your questions. All you need to do is get in touch with us.

Fresh start in Germany?

You have only been in Germany for a few weeks? The Ankommen-App (German for 'arrival') is a guide to quickly become comprehensively orientated during this period, and is tailored towards the immediate needs of people who only recently arrived in Germany. It provides information about the asylum procedure, about  the job market, and of course about everyday life in Germany.

A free multimedia language course is integrated in the app. It will give you useful everyday support when taking your first steps learning the German language.

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Youth Migration Services

The Youth Migration Services help young people meet the challenges of blending into life in Germany.

They advise and help juvenile immigrants, as well as young adults aged up to 27. You can find contact information for the Youth Migration Services by clicking the link below.

The advice given by the Youth Migration Services is free of charge at all times.

Youth Migration Service

Learning German

When you are applying for a job in Germany or if you would like to study or learn a certain profession, language skills are mandatory. You will find that knowing how things work in Germany goes a long way, especially regarding the legal system. Knowing cultural and historical aspects will provide a foundation for a good start in your new country - or in any country for that matter.

Find out more on the government website of the Federal Office for migration and refugees (Bundesamt für Migration). You will find information about German courses, where to take them, what kind of fees to consider and where to receive financial aid. Click the button below for details.

Bundesamt für Migration (english version)

Recognition of foreign personal qualifications

One objective to improve employment opportunities is to ensure that professional qualifications acquired outside Germany are recognized. The Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)“ offers credential recognition and transition-trainings to attain full recognition of the qualifications you attained in your home country.

IQ Netzwerk